Launching College Success

The pandemic has upended the college admissions world! I offer solutions and advice about how to help your child gain admission into college with less stress and greater success.

Launching College Success
Launching College Success
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As a professional college counselor with over thirty years experience, I am up to date on the variety of changes in the college process due to Covid-19. For example, I recently told one of my juniors that eight out of the ten schools on his list had decided not to require test scores. “THAT´S GREAT!” he exclaimed. “Not so fast,” I replied! Students should still take at least one SAT or ACT before applying to college.

Facts are one thing, knowing how to interpret them for your child’s best interest is another. My years of experience as a high school guidance counselor and college admissions coach can help you avoid costly mistakes and have a rewarding college experience!

I’m an informed and dedicated advocate for students.

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I Offer a Variety of College Admission Solutions for Students - Freshmen to Seniors

Need help with any aspect of the college search, admissions or financial aid process?

As an Independent Educational Consultant and College Admissions Coach, I empower YOU to navigate today’s college admission’s maze to help make your college make your college admissions dreams come true.

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Through The Years

Here’s How I Will Help You With Your College Search

Through the years, I watched far too many parents and students wait too long before they started researching colleges, admissions, college costs, and financial aid. I founded Launching College Success to provide expert advice and personal counseling through every step of the college process:

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Launching College Success
Launching College Success

College Costs, Scholarships & More

Let's face it, college is an investment. Learn how I can help you through the college financial maze so you are better informed about costs, scholarships and loans.

Launching College Success
Launching College Success

Accommodations & Special Needs

Today, more than ever, it's critical for students with neurodiversity and other needs to get the support they are entitled to. Here's how I can help you.

Launching College Success
Launching College Success

College Visits & Tours

It's important to visit the schools you or your child are interested in attending. Whether virtual or in-person, here's my approach to making the most out of your college visits.

Getting Into College Requires That Everyone Pitch In...

Parent’s Responsibilities

  • Allow your child to take the lead in college planning and decision-making. Have an open mind.  
  • If parents attend meetings, they should take notes and ask questions.
  • Help schedule college visits and interviews (at least the transportation part).
  • Send official copies of standardized test scores to colleges. Pay application fees.
  • Assist in keeping your child on task and gently monitor the status of his/her applications.
  • When a final decision has been made, make sure all colleges are notified of that decision.
  • Support your child throughout the process with an understanding of the pressures on him/her.

Student Responsibilities

  • Put 100% effort into the process and complete all assignments on time.
  • As much as possible, keep all appointments. IF you need to reschedule, let Ms. Dianne know as soon as possible.
  • Student and family will not be charged for the first missed appointment but a fee of $50.00 will be assessed for every missed appointment thereafter.
  • Do the very best academic work possible, to keep your college options wide open. Let Ms. Dianne know if you are having difficulty with any of your classes or want to drop a class.
  • Cooperate fully with the Ms. Dianne, including taking the initiative to call, text or email her when you need to talk, have questions, are ready to move to the next step in the process, or have essays ready for review. You are driving this process. Be a good driver!
  • Meet deadlines for standardized testing and for submitting completed applications.
  • Request letters of recommendation and transcripts well ahead of time, pursuant to the procedures established by your high school.
  • Maintain contact with your high school guidance counselor and Ms. Dianne.
  • At any time during the process, discuss with Ms. Dianne any changes to your academic schedule or college list prior to making the change.
  • At any time during the process, discuss with Ms. Dianne any changes to your academic schedule or college list prior to making the change.

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Do you need help understanding the college admission’s maze? College is NOT what it was 20 years ago. Let us show you the ropes so your kid has a stronger chance of getting into college with less stress and less anxiety.

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