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How to Write Your Crucial College Essay

By October, most high school seniors have narrowed their college choices and are beginning to complete their college applications, including gathering letters of recommendation, resumes and college essays.  This original piece of writing has become essential to students’ applications, because it allows them to speak directly to college officials. It can also be the most… Read more

Learn How to Get Going with College Admissions and How to Pay for College!

Is your high school senior dragging his feet on beginning his college admissions process? With over 4,000 colleges nationwide, it is a fact that the process has become overwhelming and stressful. Dianne Keilholtz, NCC, IEC, has over 30 years’ experience supporting families and students, including those who learn differently, through every aspect of the college… Read more

Launching College Success helping to give students options

September 4, Martinsburg Journal-News By Adranisha Stephens MARTINSBURG–This school year, eight Spring Mills High School seniors who will be the first in their family to attend college are receiving extra one-on-one support thanks to a $2,000 Berkeley Education Grant to Spring Mills High School (SMHS) for the Launching College Success Partnership program. “This is the… Read more

11 Steps to Successful College Visits

“It’s his senior year of high school, for goodness sakes!  Why am I feeling such dread?” one parent recently asked me.  “I thought I’d be dancing with joy.  He’s a senior; almost an adult. But instead I’m feeling scared and filled with questions.  He told me he needs to visit a few colleges.  I have… Read more

Six Steps College-Bound Students Need to Take BEFORE Senior Year

All the books have been put away, the exams are a fading memory and rising high school seniors are breathing a collective sigh of relief.  School’s out for summer.  Time to sleep in, visit with friends, go on vacation, and, maybe even work.  They can worry about the college admissions process later.  Right? Wrong! If… Read more

College Decision Time? Follow These Six Steps

For students and parents, the results of the college admissions process can be both exciting and painful.  There are the happy surprises at being accepted into the dream school. Or sadness and shock at not getting into that school that you ‘knew’ was a shoe-in. Once all the acceptances, rejections, and deferments are tallied, the family… Read more

Documented Disability? Your Student Can Still Excel!

I began my career as a special education teacher, and to this day helping these learning disabled students holds a unique place in my heart. Special education students often struggle with reading and math and work really hard for every success. My job was to teach to their strengths and provide them with strategies to… Read more

Preparation & Practice Can Get You a Winning Interview!

More colleges each year are requesting that students interview with either an alumnus or an admissions’ counselor. According to a counselor at Tufts University, “Interviewing with a college is a signal of the applicant’s interest in actually attending the college.  This process should be looked at as a student’s time to ask questions about the… Read more

Watch out for FAFSA Scams!

Every year at this time, I hear very sad stories from families about money they have lost in FAFSA, financial aid or scholarship scams. Unfortunately there are a lot of bad people out there that prey on unsuspecting families who mistakenly think they are doing the right thing in filling out those all-important forms. I… Read more

Your College Essay May Win an Acceptance Letter!

How important are college essays?  Most students and parents think that the only way to get into college is to have an exemplary transcript and really high test scores. But what about students who aren’t terrific test takers?  In thinking of the college admissions’ process, the ‘door’ to college admission is writing an outstanding college essay. The… Read more