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Class of 2022, Watch for the Increased Importance of These College Requirements

Now that many of my students this year have been accepted and know where they are going in the fall, I am reflecting on what will be required for the class of 2022 and what parts of the college application have increased in importance.

In considering a student for admission, colleges can review the application, essay(s), letter(s) of recommendation, student resume, test scores, and the interview.  I believe the trend will continue with fewer students submitting test scores, despite my reasons why they should (see the Impact of Test Optional).  Although all parts of the application are important, these three items have increased in importance for the class of 2022:

  1. The transcript, specifically the academic courses the student took. Taking rigorous academic courses continues to be the #1 factor in admission decisions.  Admission officers will extrapolate their own grade point average, looking only at academic course grades.
  2. AP courses and test scores. Because most colleges are now test optional, the AP course and test score has gained in importance.  Students in high school should definitely take at least one AP course, if possible, and always take the test,
  3. The interview. More colleges will be adding the interview as a requirement for the application.  It is important for students to practice this interview   Most interviewers will want students to share a little about themselves, talk about their career goals and dreams, and explain a little about why they want to go to this particular college.  Eye contact is very important.