College Admission Process/Timeline

Understanding The College Admission Process Timeline & Deadlines

You are beginning a very exciting, and sometimes anxiety-producing, time of your life. You might already have a sense of colleges you would like included on your list and, maybe even, know what you want to study in college. But before you read any further, I need to make this strong point. Whatever your financial resources are or aren’t, DON’T ALLOW the cost of a college education to stop you from attending college and achieving your dreams.

There is substantial financial aid available, either through the college itself, national, state and local organizations that can help to eliminate much of your college cost. You and your transcript are the first determining factor in college debt. The higher your grade point average, the more college scholarships you will be offered if you apply for them.

The transition from high school to college is filled with challenges, opportunities, and decisions. The process of selecting, applying to, and gaining admission to college can often be confusing and not transparent at all. And, it has its rewards, if you work for them and don’t give up.


College Admission Process Timeline
College Admission Process Timeline
College Admission Process Timeline

There is a beginning, middle and end to the college process. Working with an independent educational coach, such as myself, can support you in navigating the waters of college admissions smoothly, while making sound decisions and accessing all of the money possible. Listed below are some basic questions I am asked about the admission process, timelines and deadlines. I hope this info is helpful.

What Is The Step-by-step Process For Applying To College

I have included detailed information under the Junior or Senior year pages . Please look at not only my write up but also the timeline for those years for details on the step-by-step process. As you can see, there are a lot of steps, more for some college applications than others.



What Are The College Application Deadlines

This is a great question. Most colleges post their application deadlines on their website.This is important information. A student’s application, including all supporting documents, i.e. transcript, test scores, letters of recommendations, essays, interview, resume, has to be in the college admission’s office by the deadline to be considered for admission.

I work with all of my students to complete all documents for the application at least 30 days before the deadline just in case the teacher forgets to write a recommendation, the College Board loses the scores or anything else happens. I have had both of those examples happen to my students, unfortunately so I approach every application with great care so no one is caught in a bind.

If you chose to work with an independent education coach, such as myself, you will learn about all of the factors to consider in choosing an admissions deadline and all of your applications will be in earlier than any of those deadlines.

College Admission Process Timeline
College Admission Process Timeline

What Are Some Important Reminders I Should Be Aware Of In The Admissions Process

● Make sure to take either the SAT or ACT at least twice during your junior year
● In determining a list of colleges, consider:
○ How far away it is from home
○ How affordable it is
○ What scholarships the college offers
○ Does the school have your major and extracurriculars you want
● Make sure to send in the application and all supporting documents by the deadline
● Make sure to visit the college at least once before making your final decision.

In Making My Final Decision, What Should I Consider

This is a really terrific question. I believe it is important to consider:

● How much college debt you are going to have after you graduate.
● And, if you plan on attending graduate school, how much more debt will you incur during that time?
● How far away is it from home
● Can I see myself going to that college?
● Do I believe I can be happy there?

The college admissions process can be daunting and scary for some. And, an exciting experience for others. It is not impossible, though, to apply to colleges and universities of your dreams, get accepted and receive scholarship money to help pay for it. To apply for college in 2022 takes planning, research and support. I understand the roadmap through this process. My contact information is below if you want to talk.


As a former special education teacher and school counselor, my knowledge of the college admissions and financial aid process is extensive. I have supported more than 4,000 students through the college admissions process in my career. Contact me at or 240-285-1920 to explore how I can successfully support both you and your student through the application, financial aid and scholarship process.

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