Freshman Year Of High School Is Exciting

Freshman year of high school is exciting, and a little nerve-wracking for kids and parents. Transitioning into a new school, learning a new routine, and taking on a new 4-year goal is on everyone’s mind. For most families, the end goal is graduation and college.

For the past 30 years, I have shepherded kids through the college exploration process. It has been my great joy to support thousands of kids as they research, apply, and eventually choose a college.


If College Is On Your Mind At This Early Stage, There Are Likely A Few Good Reasons

Perhaps you have some special needs, accommodations, challenges or worries about “making it” to college?

If this is your experience, working with me sooner rather than later is advisable. Practically, it removes the urgency. We have time and there isn’t a pressing need or deadline we must meet today.

As a college admissions coach, I can tell you this is a gift.

You may also be a planner. Whether that’s because of financial restrictions or considerations, or you really want to think through the ins and outs of what’s ahead so you’re prepared, this is a great time to talk about the future.

There are many things that need to happen for you (or your child) over the next four years. Working with me will not only set you up for the greatest opportunity to get into the college of your dreams, but it will allow you to prepare yourself patiently for everything that is going to happen.

Freshmen College Admission Coaching Includes:

Most families who hire me to work with their child in 9th grade are looking for the support necessary to make the high school experience and transition to college as stress-free and smooth as possible.

When we work together, I ensure that your student is fully prepared, aware, and involved in this entire experience.

This is how we help them in a mature way to move into taking flight and going on their next great adventure.

As A Freshman, We Always Begin With A Comprehensive Student Evaluation That Includes The Following:

  • A thorough evaluation of the applicant’s middle school transcript, standardized test scores, social media profiles, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, summer experiences, and special talents. I include for you suggestions of things to do to enhance the student’s profile in all of these areas.
  • An in-depth (90-minute) interview of applicant and family to better understand the student’s strengths and needs and the family dynamics
  • Review of any accommodations or other needs the student has
  • Discussion and advice on taking rigorous high school courses including Advanced Placement during the junior year
  • Explanation of crucial information on college affordability, real college expenses and the realistic chance for need or merit aid.
  • Advice on steps needed to improve grade point average, test scores, leadership and/or volunteer activities.

I Only Work With 15 Students Per Grade

This ensures that your child has the one-on-one support needed to do their very best. If you would like to consider working together, I would love to speak with you.

Often working together earlier versus later can be more cost efficient because you have the blueprint laid out to make the best high school choices early on.

Students who start in their freshmen year are less likely to have to backpedal, correct or fix mistakes and have a greater sense of what’s ahead. This is especially helpful for anyone with anxiety or worries about college.

Your next step is to schedule a call with me to connect. On that call, I can answer all of your questions so you can make the best decision about when to get started. This complementary call will show you my process and how we can best support you. I’ll also share with you my Freshmen timeline as a gift to help you accelerate your plans for college.

To get started, please call 240-285-1920 or email to set up a call and explore more deeply what you need.

Freshman Year College Admission Timeline Launching College Success

Fall Semester



Discuss any summer session opportunities that might contain leadership or volunteer opportunities.

How I Can Help Your Freshman Student

The freshman year of high school includes taking rigorous classes, signing up for a club or a sport and just getting used to high school. It can be a time of making memories.

It can also be a time where a student receives that first “low” grade and wonders if college is still in their future?

The short answer is YES.

For parents, they have their own concerns and questions about high school, including but not limited to affordability, college rankings and safety.

I understand. I have been there, both as a parent and a school counselor.

Let me help support your child through this process. Please know that I only work with 15 students per grade per year as it is important that I give you and your student the one-on-one service you deserve.

Contact me to further discuss how I can be a helping hand for your child and you through all aspects of the college admissions’ process.

I can be reached at: or 240-285-1920

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