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Dear Parents,

As a high school counselor in Frederick Maryland, I guided many students and families through the college admissions process; I helped more than 1,500 students find that college or university that was right for them.  During that time, I would frequently hear one or more of the following statements from parents during a student’s senior year:

  1. Applying for college is a lot harder than it was in my day.
  2. I don’t even know where to begin or what questions to ask.
  3. Is there scholarship money out there that can help my child?
  4. I only want you to suggest state schools to my child as we can’t afford anything else.
  5. Can you guarantee that they will be able to get a job with that as their major?

This is normal. Uncomfortable, but normal.  You want your child to successfully transition fromcollege admissions process high school to college to the world of work.  You don’t want them to incur a lot of debt while they are in college.  And all of these thoughts and feelings are swirling around you at the exact time that your teenager is telling you that she or he can do it by themselves.  Sounds like a recipe for chaos, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, in many American homes, that is exactly what happens.  Chaos!

Working with your 16- and 17 year-old child to help them through the college admissions process is like dancing on glass.  You can’t push too much or the glass will break. But if you don’t push at all, both you and the child will continue to slide around without getting anywhere.  So, what do you do?

The good news is that I have the experience and knowledge to support both you and your student.  It’s an interesting phenomenon, but teenagers will oftentimes listen to any adult other than their parents.  This can be frustrating for you, but now is the time for you to begin to relinquish your parental controls, even if only a little, and empower your child to take up the reigns of their own college admissions process.

At Launching College Success, I can help by providing both you and your child with an organized action plan for all aspects of the college admissions process.  Get in touch with me either by phone at 240-285-1920 or to determine what package best fits your needs.  And, check out my Top 10 Tips for parents.

To future success,