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An Independent Educational Consultant Empowering YOU to navigate today's College Admissions Maze.
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College Services Plans

College search and applications

Consulting services offered:

Student Evaluation

-Applicant will be given access to well-vetted assessments to determine personality type, “right-fit” college majors and careers, and learning style.

-Thorough evaluation of the applicant’s high school transcript, standardized test scores, social media profiles, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, summer experiences, and special talents.  Suggestions of things to do to enhance the student’s profile in these areas.

– In-depth (90-minute) interview of applicant and family in order to develop an overall strategy for the application process and to begin the process of crafting a college list.

Admissions Process

-Discussion of what admissions committees are seeking and how they evaluate applications.

Includes a discussion of Launching College Success’s proprietary 6-factor admissions strategy.

– General explanation of the current admissions landscape and process.

– General explanation of the current financial aid landscape and process.

– Discussion of standardized testing options and schedules, application deadlines, etc.

– Referrals to test preparation and academic tutoring, if requested.

College Selection

-The development of a list of “right-fit” colleges for the applicant to research and visit.

– Advice on how to prepare for college visits and interviews.

– Assistance in compiling a final list of “right-fit” schools, with varying degrees of admission difficulty (Likely, Possible, and Reach) based on the applicant’s academic, social, and extracurricular strengths, desires and talents.  Also considered are any affordability concerns of the family.  This list is edited and revised until a final list is reached.

– Discussion of Early Action, Early Decision I and II, Early Action Single Choice, Regular and Rolling Application options.

Application Completion

– Assistance in application preparation, including organizational assistance and time and stress management.  Student receives a simple organizer for college applications.

– Unlimited support via email and text.  In-person, phone, or Skype contact as necessary.

– Assistance in preparation of activity list and/or resume, selection of recommendation letter writers, strategy for working with and informing high school counselors and recommenders.

-Support in preparing for and role-playing admission interviews

– Final review of application materials prior to submission includes reviews by a former college admissions officer.

Essay Support

  • Unlimited guidance in brainstorming topics for all essays and short answer questions
  • Review of all essay revisions and suggestions for improvement

Financial Aid

– Discussion of financial aid process, including FAFSA and CSS Profile

– Support in understanding financial aid award letters

Final Decision-Making

– Assistance if you are deferred or wait-listed, and/or if you need to appeal a financial aid package.

-Assistance in making a final decision on which college to attend.

-Transition-to-college or gap-year advice, and comprehensive consulting until three months after the applicant’s high school graduation.

Parents’ Responsibilities:

Allow your child to take the lead in college planning and decision-making.  Have an open mind.   

If parents attend meetings, they should take notes and ask questions.

Help schedule college visits and interviews (at least the transportation part).

Send official copies of standardized test scores to colleges.  Pay application fees.

Assist in keeping your child on task and gently monitor the status of his/her applications.

When a final decision has been made, make sure all colleges are notified of that decision.

Support your child throughout the process with an understanding of the pressures on him/her.

Applicant’s Responsibilities:

-Put 100% effort into the process and ask questions when anything is unclear.

– Do the very best academic work possible so as to keep your college options wide open.

– Cooperate fully with the Consultant, including taking the initiative to call or email her when you need to talk, have questions, are ready to move to the next step in the process, or have essays ready for review. You are driving this process. Be a good driver!

– Meet deadlines for standardized testing, and for submitting completed applications.

-Request letters of recommendation and transcripts well ahead of time, pursuant to the procedures established by your high school.  

– Maintain contact with your high school guidance counselor and college advisor &seek his/her approval of your final college list.

– Keep appointments.

– Have fun!

 Disclaimer: The parties agree that the Consultant’s recommendations are provided on a best effort basis and that the Applicant can take or leave all suggestions made.  The Consultant’s recommendations assume that accurate information is provided by the applicant and the colleges.  The Consultant cannot make promises or guarantees about the outcome of the Student’s application for admission or financial aid.  The Client agrees not to share the Consultant’s proprietary knowledge or materials with others, and the Consultant will not reveal confidential information about the applicant unless directed to do so by the Responsible Party.


LCS offers three different payment Packages: 

The blue package is for the student who has a good idea of career goals and colleges applying to.  This package includes all services in the first two sections of this document. Please contact LCS at 240-285-1920 or for a breakdown of costs for this package.

The red package is for the student who wants support with finding schools that are a good fit and that match with all of the criteria they are looking for in a school.  This package includes all services in the blue package as well as developing a solid list of colleges.  Please contact LCS at 240-285-1920 or for a breakdown of costs for this package.

The green package includes all services on this document and is for the student who needs guidance through the entirety of the college admissions’ process. Comprehensive Package (Strongly Suggested and Most Popular): Please contact LCS at 240-285-1920 or for a breakdown of costs for this package.

Once agreement is reached, client is responsible for signing the contract and sending an initial payment of 20%.  Payment plans are considered.  Any change to the package payment listed above will be included in the signing of the contract.  All payment plans must be paid in full by May of the student’s senior year of college.  All major credit cards are accepted.  A 3% service fee will be added to any payments paid by credit card. 

Here’s a downloadable pdf of my services.