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Finance“The best system of higher education in the world is facing a moment of crisis”, stated Senator Lamar Alexander.  Senator Alexander is correct.  Funding shortfalls in Washington and in every state capitol along with rising college tuition costs are jeopardizing the quality of the over 4,000 comprehensive colleges and universities in this country.  So how do we as Americans and specifically as parents to high school students continue to support our students’ dreams of a higher education?  And, more importantly, how do we do this without incurring massive debt, either for ourselves or for our children?  Here is how I can help:

Supporting families in determining college affordability:

Just as I can match students with colleges that are a good fit by starting with the interests, needs and qualifications of the student, I can also support the parents in assessing financial fit by discussing their values and their college budget.  The goal would be for students to choose colleges that are not only a good educational match, but that are also affordable.  The steps that I take in offering this service include:

  1. Extensive interview with both parents and students.
  2. Support the family in creating a college budget as early as possible.
  3. Providing families with information about the colleges that are a best fit for the student and that fit the college budget.
  4. Supporting and advising families in the completion of the FAFSA forms.
  5. Advice and support with funding decisions, as needed.
  6. Supporting and advising during the final college choice process, if necessary.

Scholarship Information:

It is estimated that in this country every year over a billion dollars in scholarship monies stays in bank accounts because students don’t apply for the money.  The application process for a scholarship takes time and effort.  Finding scholarships that your student qualifies for takes time and effort.  I can help.

After an extensive interview with student and parents, I develop a list that is uniquely tailored to the students’ talents, interests and strengths.  Most scholarships require an essay.  So in addition to developing the list,  I will also support the student through the writing, revising and polishing of the scholarship essay.

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