As A College Admissions Coach...

I have had the pleasure of supporting high school sophomores and their parents for more than 30 years. The focus of the sophomore year is continued academic success, trying out new extracurricular activities and/or volunteer experiences, and learning more about college.

Most families who hire me to work with their child in 10th grade are looking for the support necessary to make the high school experience as well as the transition to college as stress-free and smooth as possible.

For families with students with accommodations, financial challenges or other barriers to getting into college, starting this work in 10th grade assures you the greatest amount of time to create workable solutions for getting into college. I have found that parents and students who engage at this time have the lowest anxiety rates and the calmest transition. If this is of interest to you, then we should talk sooner rather than later.

The truth is, the pressure only rises. If we can work together when there’s less pressure, the entire experience is easier on everyone.

I only work with 15 students per grade per year to insure that your child has the one-on-one support needed. Below you’ll find how I approach the sophomore year so we have the most comprehensive plan possible for getting into college.


We Always Begin With A Comprehensive Student Evaluation

● To help prepare kids for college, I give all applicants access to well-vetted assessments, such as the Myers Briggs and the Strong Interest Inventory to determine their personality type. This helps direct us towards the best college majors and careers for the student’s strengths and learning style.

● We complete a thorough evaluation of the applicant’s high school transcript, standardized test scores, any 504 plans or IEP’s, social media profiles, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, summer experiences, and special talents. Suggestions are made to improve the student’s academic, extracurricular, and service hours to help enhance and balance your student’s profile.

● We complete an in-depth 90-minute interview of both the applicant and the family in-order to develop an overall strategy for the college application process. From here, I will help you begin the process of crafting a college list.

● We discuss in depth the value of taking rigorous high school courses including “Advanced Placement” (AP) in your junior year. Advice is offered around which course and how many AP classes to take so you’re not overwhelmed and unbalanced in your academic load.

● We also develop your “extracurricular resume” that includes honors, leadership and volunteer experiences.

● We also explore crucial information on college affordability, college expenses and the realistic chance for need or merit aid.

● Finally, I offer practical advice on steps needed to improve grade point average, test scores, leadership and/or volunteer activities.

Your Sophomore Year Is The Workhorse Year Of Your High School Career

Academically, you’re working on proving your skills and demonstrating the well-balanced nature of your life, academically, personally, and with your various interests. Sports, club activities, volunteer or service work, as well as your grades are cemented in your sophmore year and show a depth of your character that’s often lost once students really start checking the college admission boxes with core requirements like PSAT and SAT scores.

During your student’s sophomore year there is the unique opportunity to help your student ease their burden of getting into college by setting them on the right trajectory for the remainder of their high school career. It’s also a time to explore any accommodations needed to level the playing field so your student has all the support they need to achieve their best in high school and beyond.

My process is thorough and comprehensive. I encourage students and families to begin working with me early in their high school experience to be fully prepared and understand all of the steps required for college admissions.

To get started, please call 240-285-1920 or email to set up a call and explore more deeply what you need.


College Admissions Timeline Sophomore Year


Early November

Early January

May and June

Your Sophomore Year Includes:

  • Taking The PSAT For The First Time, Rigorous Academic Classes, Trying On New Activities And Taking On Their First Leadership Role.
  • It Can Be A Time Of Making Memories.
  • It Can Also Be A Time Where A Student Receives That First Low Grade And Wonders If College Is Still In Their Future.

The Short Answer Is Yes.

Parents are all too aware that the college process is but a few short months away. They have their own concerns and questions about this process, including but not limited to affordability, college rankings and safety. I understand. I have been there, both as a parent and a school counselor.

Let me help support your child through this process. Please know that I only work with 15 students per grade per year as it is important that I give you and your student the one-on-one service you deserve.

Contact me to further discuss how I can be a helping hand for your child and you through all aspects of the college admissions’ process. I can be reached at: or 240-285-1920.

May and June

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