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Navigating this complicated and confusion college admission process can be overwhelming for parents. Dianne brought a wealth of knowledge regarding the process and helped us navigate it with confidence and ease. She was able to structure my child’s college application in a way that showcased her in the exact ways that colleges are looking for.

As a result of this my child was accepted to most of the colleges she applied to and we received scholarship money that exceeded our expectations. My child did the work but Dianne was able to help her organize and present the work in a manner that got the attention of the colleges she applied to. There was a significant return on investment using Dianne not only in acceptance but in the scholarships we received.

Ironically this was the exact feedback I received when I was doing reference checks on Dianne. I was told that this investment would come back to me (and more) in the form of scholarship money and it did. Of course, this is never guaranteed but I do think she greatly increased the chances of this happening in the way she showcased my child’s overall profile. Having Dianne guide the application process also took the burden of me having to drive this with my child and reframed the types of conversations that we had around college. Because I wasn’t the enforcer of the application process my child and I were able to have more productive conversations around college and partner on a more collaborative level. To me, this was the greatest gift of all.   –  Parent of a 2022 senior

Working with Dianne made the college application process so much easier. She kept me on track and focused on what is important. This kept me from procrastinating and doing everything at the last minute. Her guidance helped reduce the overall stress that I had going into the application process. The help that Dianne gave me on my essays improved my writing not only with the essays but made me a better writer overall and I now have more confidence with my writing skills. Dianne helped with the college selection process and I loved the colleges that she recommended I apply to and felt they matched exactly what I was looking for. I don’t think I would have gotten the number of acceptances I did without her help. She was positive and encouraging. The fact that she got to know me and believed in me gave me confidence that I could get into colleges – even my reach schools.  –  A 2022 Senior

My husband and I truly cannot thank you enough for all your support, knowledge and guidance.  Your patience and empathy towards our son meant everything to us.  This has been a very challenging year for all, especially our son, but you made the college application process so smooth for everyone.  We are so proud of him for getting into all of the schools on his list as well as receiving numerous merit scholarships.  – Maryland parents of a 2021 senior

“Dianne Keilholtz is truly AMAZING! I can honestly say that without Dianne’s tireless work, guidance, knowledge and support that my daughter wouldn’t have gotten into her college of choice.  Having moved back to the US after living overseas for 15 years we faced many challenges and bureaucracies in applying to college.

“Dianne not only helped us navigate these, she also went to battle for us when my daughter’s transcripts and volunteer work were not accepted.  She helped in every facet of her application with knowledge, humor and a wealth of contacts. We were so lucky to have found Dianne and now consider her a true friend.”  – T. Walman, parent

“Incredible! Absolutely Incredible! Dianne is the greatest gift you can give to yourselves and your student. Prepared and positioned, she helped our son be ahead of the curve in every aspect of what is demanded of the applicant. Thoughtful analysis of our son and consideration to the career path and academic concentration he is considering.

“Dianne brought timelines and discipline to the process, routine meetings and direction for success. She alerted our son of when to apply to Honors Colleges and Fellowship programs, she monitored all the deadlines and coordinated with our son to be sure he was successful in submitting essays and additional requirements. Dianne is exactly what our son needed to enable him to put his best foot forward towards his college experience.”

– Ed & Jo N., parents, gave Dianne a 5-star rating on Facebook

“Dianne’s wealth of counseling experience and a full roster of very grateful students are testament to her professional expertise.  That, coupled with her open, engaging, easy to chat with style combine to give you the best support possible as you navigate the college admission process.  She is tops.”

~ Susan L. Ledbetter, an independent college consultant and a NYU essay reader

“Launching College Success has helped us go from worrying about where to even begin Dianne at Launching College Success led my student through the admissions process.the College process to organized and empowered with a great list of colleges that are perfectly suited for our daughter. She is feeling more confident every day, and I can’t wait until the application process. Dianne has been a catalyst for it all and I am so grateful to have found this service.”

~ Cory T. gave Dianne a 5-star  on Facebook— 5 star

“Using her extensive experience and knowledge, Dianne takes the anxiety and confusion out of identifying, reviewing and deciding on a college best suited to a students needs and desires. She not only listens to what the student says, but asks the right probing questions of the student and the parents to allow for finding the right fit school.

“With her help my niece is having an awesome experience in a college that has a great program for the major she chose, as well as receiving scholarships that allowed it to happen. This is true because of Dianne’s help.”

~ Linda N – gave Dianne a 5-star rating on Facebook

“Dianne was always available with her extensive knowledge of the admissions process and to answer any questions we had about the financial aspects of applying to schools.”

~ Marilyn C – gave Dianne a 5-star rating on Facebook

“I could go on for quite some time about Dianne’s impact in our lives, but I will keep it brief. Dianne Keilholtz has been a great friend, mentor, and inspiration in our lives.grateful to Dianne Keilholtz

“Her heart for our sons lives has been a God-sent. She single-handedly has been the most impactful person in our lives in regards to our young men being prepared substantially and early within the process of furthering their education after high school.

“Much gratitude and thanks to Dianne for her love for us and passion to see young people succeed greatly. Best regards in your endeavors to impact this world one student at a time.”
~ Kevin & Marsha M. (Maryland Parents)

“Dianne is extremely knowledgeable in the college admission process, as well as providing scholarship information. She shared information with high school juniors and seniors and their parents at a special workshop at our church. She is a true professional, and knows the process inside and out.

“She speaks frankly and makes the information understandable. As a parent who used her services, I found she worked with my daughter on her own level and was respectful of her ideas and opinions. The investment was well worth our time. She went above and beyond what we expected.”
~ Kim S. (Florida Parent)

testimonials“My working relationship with Dianne started over a year ago, and I couldn’t be more pleased; Dianne is an asset to our community. As a former guidance counselor, Dianne’s knowledge and level of expertise in the field of successfully helping students learn about colleges, scholarships, and essay writing is second to none.

“One area of concentration that Dianne is passionate  and good at is helping  first generation college applicants prepare for college. She is very adept at talking with students, in fact I often tell people ‘she gets kids!’

“The ability to cross generational lines makes her someone who will continue to succeed in the ever-changing field of getting into college.

“Finally, I believe that her passion for her work and her knowledge base will greatly help the people who use her. I am glad that we have a great partnership, and look forward to helping many students get into college and be successful in their college career.”
~ Kelly T. (Development Director, WV Public Library System- serving more than 106,000 people in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.)