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The Gold Plan

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

The Gold plan is designed for students who need a great deal of reassurance as they navigate the admissions’ process. Every component of the Launching College Success practice is included in this plan.

The greatest concern of families’ today is: How am I going to pay for my child’s college education? A service included in this plan is researching and creating a scholarship list tailored to your student’s strengths, talents, goals and dreams. The student qualifies for every scholarship on the list and is given all of the information necessary to apply for scholarships, including support with scholarship essays. Check out all of the components of the  Gold plan under Services and Fees. The total cost of this package is $7,995.00, a savings of over $3,800.00.

Crucial Help with the Scholarship List

Over the past several years, the economy has taken a significant toll on many people’s hopes and dreams. So many families with teenagers are struggling just to pay living expenses, let alone save for college! And while most high schoolers realize the impact a great education can have on their future, many don’t believe there’s any way they can afford it. Because students and parents feel this way, it is now estimated that more than a billion dollars in scholarship money stays in bank accounts every year because students don’t apply for the scholarship. The application process for a scholarship takes time and effort. Finding scholarships that your student qualifies for takes time and effort. We, at Launching College Success, can help.

After an extensive interview with student and parents, we research national, state and local scholarship opportunities and develop a list that is uniquely tailored to the students’ talents, strengths, goals and dreams. Most scholarships require an essay. So in addition to developing the list, we will also support your student through the writing, revising and polishing of the scholarship essay.

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