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Virtual College Fairs this Fall

If you are a high school sophomore or junior, a Virtual College Fair is your chance to hear firsthand from admissions counselors at hundreds of colleges and universities nearby, across the country and around the world

Registration for a NACAC Virtual College Fair begins in mid-August.  Parents are also invited.  Sign up at: to receive an email reminder as soon as registration opens. Save the dates below, when more than 600 colleges and universities will be online to talk with high school students:

  • SUNDAY, SEPT 13 from 12-8 pm
  • MONDAY, OCT 12 from 1-9 pm
  • SUNDAY, NOV 8 from 2-10 pm

Each virtual fair is a free, one-day event.  Attend as often as you like. Parents invited, too.  Simply log into on your phone or computer on the day of the event after you have registered.

Taking care of YOU:

This pandemic has tested all of us in ways we never expected nor ever want to experience again.  I remember hearing early in March from a newscaster that “life will be returning to normal before the middle of April.” Little did any of us know at that time how wrong those words were.  As I am writing this, the number of new confirmed cases exceeded 15,000 in Florida alone yesterday! Life is scary for many of us.  I strongly believe that the way forward is through caring for our physical as well as mental health.  In my April 2020 newsletter, I published a list of actions each of us can take to support our physical and mental year.  I have amended them and listed them below.  The reality of 2020 is that this virus is NOT going away.  It is up to each of us to do what we can to survive and thrive in the midst of all of the chaos and changes that the pandemic is bringing to our lives.

  1. Honor your feelings – You have every right to feel as you do at this time. You can’t see your friends and your summer plans have vanished.  Your feelings are valid, regardless of how others may react.  One way to honor your feelings is to journal.  Another way is to reach out to a friend, parent or confidante.
  2. Finding balance – It is important to maintain some sense of normalcy and balance now. Maintaining a daily schedule and routine will help with that.
  3. Be Grateful – At the end of each day, before I fall asleep, I mentally list all that I am grateful for. My list is long, as I’m sure, yours’ is also.  Reminding yourself daily of the gratitude you feel will help you to keep some perspective.
  4. Focus on what’s under your control. Wash your hands, practice social distancing, use hand sanitizer, and wear masks and gloves when going out.  Each of these small but mighty actions has already helped to flatten the spread of the virus in many places.
  5. Slow down and breathe. If you can feel your anxiety rising, stop.  Take a few long, slow deep breaths.  Feel your heart.  Check in with your body.  If you want, you can close your eyes.  Taking these actions a couple of times a day will help.
  6. Check out YouTube – Have you ever wanted to know how to change the oil in your car, bake bread, or sew? There is a video on YouTube that will teach you just that.  And now you have the time.  So, go for it!
  7. Staying healthy – Exercise, sleep and good nutrition are as important now as ever. They will help to keep both your spirits and your immunity up!