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Visiting College under Covid:

I know that many high school sophomores and juniors look forward to visiting college campuses this year. Check out the college’s website to determine if they are offering in-person visits.  It really depends on the college.  Here are some tips on getting the most out of a college visit, whether it is virtual or in person:

For in-person visits:

    • Sign up for the day and time you want to visit.
    • Plan on being at the school for at least three hours
      • One hour for an information session
      • One-two hours for a walking tour
      • Make sure to bring a mask
      • If you have time, make sure to visit the cafeteria
      • Pick up a newspaper to read later. You will find out a lot about what happens on campus
      • Take notes on your phone
      • Get the admissions’ counselors business card
      • Send her/him a ‘thank you’ email or card
      • When you are away from the campus, add to you notes, writing:
        • What you liked about the college?
        • What you didn’t like about the college?
        • What questions you still have?
        • Do you consider this a reach, target, or likely school for you?
      • Share your thoughts with your parents, counselor or independent college coach

For virtual visits:

      • Some colleges that aren’t offering in-person visits are offering online information sessions, tours, and daily chats with admissions.
        • Check out the college’s website and sign up for any virtual sessions they are offering.
        • Review the college’s website thoroughly. Jot down any notes or questions.
        • When you and your parents feel safe, plan a self-guided visit to the school. Google ‘self-guided’ tour for the specific college.  A pdf will pop up that you can download and use to tour the campus.
        • Check out any You Tube videos on the college. BE AWARE that some of the videos are from former students with an agenda to badmouth the college.  Avoid those if possible.
        • Ask your family, friends if they know someone who has been to the school. Set up a time to talk to these alumni about what they liked?  Didn’t like?

Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, it is important to visit a college before deciding to go there.  Even though it might be impossible to visit in person, there is still a lot that you can do from the comfort of your living room to learn about the college

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